Premium Snow Hashima 上等雪蛤
Premium Snow Hashima 上等雪蛤
Premium Snow Hashima 上等雪蛤
Premium Snow Hashima 上等雪蛤

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Premium Snow Hashima 上等雪蛤


Promotes anti-aging & stronger lungs


100% natural – No preservatives, flavouring, colouring, or stabilisers

Our high-quality snow hashima is prepared from 100% genuine premium grade snow hashima from the North East region of China. They are specially selected and cleaned to provide nourishment for everyone in the family.

Hashima is cholesterol-free and contains 18 types of amino acids as well as trace minerals such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. It is also rich in glycoprotein and epidermal growth factors to stimulate cell regeneration.

Traditionally, hashima is commonly used to moisten the lungs and is especially beneficial for individuals suffering from respiratory ailments.

● Strengthens the lungs and kidneys
● Stimulates skin rejuvenation
● Moisturises dry skin
● Supports the immune system

Recommended for whom:
Suitable for most people as a daily nourishing tonic. However, as snow hashima are fatty tissues found near frog fallopian tubes, they may contain a small amount of natural hormones. Therefore, it is not recommended for pre-pubescent children and pregnant women to consume them.

Due to the presence of natural hormones, it is advisable to consume hashima two hours apart from other herbal medicines or drugs to prevent any possible herb-drug interactions. 


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