Discover Our Roots

WJL, short for Wing Joo Loong, is a local Singapore wellness brand. Our roots trace back to 1947, when we first opened our doors as a wholesaler for oriental herbs, specialising in premium herbs like wild American ginseng, raw bird's nests and wild cordyceps.

In 2016, we took our first step into the retail scene, driven by our belief in offering customers better-quality tonic herbs to make a difference. Since then, we have expanded our product offerings to cater to diverse consumer needs.

Stepping into a New Chapter

As we step into a new chapter with a fresh new look, we carry with us the timeless values encapsulated within our Chinese name, 永裕隆. It symbolises the essence of longevity, flourishing and abundance that have guided us since the beginning.

Our Purpose and Belief 

We understand that the path to better well-being is as individual as you are. And our commitment to empowering well-being goes far beyond the expansion of our product offerings.

At our core, we believe that true well-being flourishes when inner balance and harmony are achieved. Through our services and sharing of valuable content, we hope to educate and empower more people to embrace wellness rooted in nature, and nurture harmony inside out. 


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