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The Hiromi and CEHLA range of premium enzyme solutions are an innovation of Japanese brewery, Sawada Syuzo, with a rich tradition of fermentation and brewing of sake, enzyme and yeast products since 1830.


100 to 300 Ingredients

Carefully selected plant ingredients soaked in its entirety


1000 Days Cultivation

Whole-food fermentation and aging without water


Special Yeast from Sake

Using living yeast that inhabits sake breweries since 1830


Fermentation Base Material

Using Okinawan brown sugar that is rich in minerals and vitamins

Benefits of Enzymes

Our body’s production of natural enzymes starts to slow down as we age, leading to indigestion, weight gain and other health issues. Maintaining a healthy level of digestive and metabolic enzymes in our digestive system helps enhance gut health and nutrients absorption.

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The Power of Enzymes

Enzymes can help relieve digestive issues such as bloating and constipation, promote metabolism and anti-aging, improve immunity, reduce blood viscosity, regulate cholesterol levels, improve sleep quality and reduce allergies overtime.

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