The Next Level of TCM Wellness

Golden Chamber, a health food brand under SINO-GLORY Group Pte Ltd, was born out of the founder's firsthand experience with the incredible benefits of TCM. Through her own recovery from a period of poor health and deep exploration into the advancements of modern TCM, she realised the remarkable potential TCM has in promoting well-being.

By synergising modern technology with ancient remedies, Golden Chamber empowers individuals to proactively maintain their health and prevent illnesses by seamlessly integrating herbal medicine into their daily lives.

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Strong R&D in TCM

Backed by a robust clinical team of TCM specialists

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Strictly Selected Ingredients

Assessing each herb’s quality and origin for optimal efficacy

Advanced Technology

Ensuring high potency and optimal active ingredients

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Quality and Safety

Upholding GMP, ISO and international safety standards

Revolutionising Wellness with AI Technology

Revolutionising Wellness with AI Technology

Experience Golden Chamber's revolutionary AI-powered face-scanning technology, which integrates the power of artificial intelligence with modern and enhanced systematic constitutional TCM theory to help you understand your body constitution.

Free body constitution analysis

Free Body Constitution Analysis

Available to all walk-in customers at Wing Joo Loong and Cheong Kwan Jang stores, now you can enjoy a free AI face scan to understand more about your body constitution. A first-of-its-kind wellness retail experience in Singapore, embark on a transformative wellness journey like never before!

Experience the Golden Standard

Experience the Golden Standard

Body Conditioning Drinks

Fast-dissolving granules designed to make it easy for you to recondition and rebalance your body. Simply infuse, sip and rebalance your body in 1-2 weeks.*

*Results may vary from person to person.

Postpartum Rehabilitation Soup

Golden Chamber postpartum rehabilitation soup

The Next Generation of Postpartum Care

Specially formulated by TCM experts, Golden Chamber's concentrated postpartum rehabilitation soup package is a convenient and effective solution for new mothers. Using concentrated granules, it supports comprehensive recovery in four stages, providing a modern alternative to traditional brewing methods.


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