Premium Wolfberries 无硫顶级枸杞
Premium Wolfberries 无硫顶级枸杞
Premium Wolfberries 无硫顶级枸杞
Premium Wolfberries 无硫顶级枸杞

Wing Joo Loong

Premium Wolfberries 无硫顶级枸杞


Promotes anti-aging & improves eyesight


Wolfberries (枸杞), also known as goji berries, have long played important roles in TCM besides their use in food and culinary. In TCM, it nourishes the liver and kidneys and improves eyesight. It also has immune-boosting and anti-aging properties.

● Alleviates liver-kidney Yin deficiency symptoms such as dizziness, soreness of the waist and knees, nocturnal emission (wet dreams), deafness, loose teeth, insomnia, excessive dreams, hot flashes, night sweats, and thirst
● Prevents premature whitening of hair
● Improves quality of sleep
● Treats dry eyes, cataracts, and dizziness due to liver-kidney Yin deficiency or lack of essence and blood
● Lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels


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