My Cup of Tea (Assorted Teabags)
My Cup of Tea (Assorted Teabags)
My Cup of Tea (Assorted Teabags)
My Cup of Tea (Assorted Teabags)

365 by Wing Joo Loong

My Cup of Tea (Assorted Teabags)


Enjoy a selection of 5 different herbal infusions crafted with a unique blend of herbs. 2 sachets of each herbal infusion in 1 box.


100% natural – Caffeine free, sugar free, no preservatives and flavouring

Combining a holistic balance of our rich heritage since 1947, and the nourishing properties of herbs that are carefully sourced globally.

Come Alive! Taste Notes: Earthy notes of ginseng with a refreshing hint of mint

Oh I See! Taste Notes: Light taste of chrysanthemum with the subtle sweetness of wolfberry

Sweet Slumber Taste Notes: Mix of floral notes with the relaxing aroma of camomile

Get Glowing Taste Notes: Soothing notes of osmanthus and rose with a twist of lemon

Happy Tummy Taste Notes:
Calming fragrance of lotus leaf with a slight tart of hawthorn

Discover our full collection of 365 Herbal Infusions and experience balance with every sip.

Note: Our herbal infusions do not serve to treat, prevent or alleviate any ailments. Please consult your physician if you are on medication, pregnant or nursing. 


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