Wing Joo Loong Wu Wei Zi 五味子
Wing Joo Loong Wu Wei Zi 五味子
Wing Joo Loong Wu Wei Zi 五味子
Wing Joo Loong Wu Wei Zi 五味子

Wing Joo Loong

Wu Wei Zi 五味子


Relieves dry cough & improves kidney health


In TCM, astringent herbs have the function of stabilising abnormal discharge of kidney essence and body fluids as well as treating abnormal consumption of Qi. Wǔ wèi zi (Schisandra Berries; 五味子) has astringent properties, aids in replenishing fluids in the body to nourish the Yin, benefits Qi (vital energy), tonifies the kidneys, and calms the mind.

● Harmonises and tonifies both Qi and Yin of the lungs
● Relieves dry cough, thirst, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chronic cough
● Alleviates spontaneous perspiration and night sweat
● Tonifies kidneys and prevents leaky kidney essence, thereby alleviating nighttime incontinence; frequent urination; premature ejaculation; excessive or involuntary ejaculation of semen (spermatorrhea); excessive vaginal discharge, etc.
● Stops chronic diarrhea due to spleen and kidney deficiency
● Calms the heart to alleviate insomnia and prevent forgetfulness

Not recommended for individuals with unresolved ailments caused by exterior pathogens factors (wind, cold, summer-heat, dampness, dryness, and fire) and excessive internal heat, manifesting as cough and measles, in the initial stage.


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