Wing Joo Loong Wild Bei Qi 野生北芪
Wing Joo Loong Wild Bei Qi 野生北芪
Wing Joo Loong Wild Bei Qi 野生北芪
Wing Joo Loong Wild Bei Qi 野生北芪

Wing Joo Loong

Wild Bei Qi 野生北芪


Tonifies Qi & strengthens immunity


Běi qí, also commonly known as huáng qí (Astragalus; 黄芪 / 北芪), is an excellent tonic that strengthens the body's defensive Qi (Wei Qi), which supports our innate and adaptive immunity. It is slightly warm in nature and has therapeutic benefits on the lungs and spleen, which play a key role in the production of Qi (energy) and blood. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

Our premium Bei Qi is grown in the wild, which explains its higher cost as compared to other cultivated ones. It is generally believed that wild herbs have better efficacy than cultivated ones, due to the prime natural conditions they grow in.

● Invigorates the spleen Qi to alleviate symptoms of fatigue, loss of appetite, and loose stools
● Relieves prolonged cough, shortness of breath, and tiredness due to Qi deficiency in the lungs
● Promotes urine production, thereby relieving edema
● Alleviates spontaneous sweating due to Lung Qi deficiency
● Regulates the body's sweat function (e.g. restoring normal sweating when there is the absence of sweat)
● Replenishes Qi to promote wound healing
● Reduces risk of influenza, coughs, or colds
● Supports postpartum recovery

Recommended for whom:
Suitable for everyone, especially in building children's immune systems.


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